Discover our partnerships!

We have developed various partnerships to enhance your experience with our tablet.
When you buy a SailProof tablet, you’ll receive a leaflet containing offers for apps and devices that are truly suitable for an optimized use of your tablet.
Here is an overview of the offers.

SailGrib WR

Are you a boater, an inshore or an offshore racer?
SailGrib WR is an easy to use navigation Android app that will cover all your needs: weather, tides, currents, charts, routing, NMEA, AIS. All this for an extremely low cost compared to traditional solutions.

SailGrib offers you a 90-day PREMIUM Option Trial when you buy an Android SailProof tablet.

Discover SailGrib WR here

Aqua Map

Aqua Map is a mobile Android app for GPS boating navigation. This app provides the user with an amazingly clear nautical chart with lightning fast scrolling. Aqua map features will turn your SailProof tablet into a real chart plotter and takes mobile navigation to a whole new level.

Aqua Map offers a 30% discount when you buy an Android SailProof tablet.

 Discover Aqua Map here


With ScanNav Windows 10 software, prepare your next coming cruises at home by examining maps, create waypoints, routes, calculate distances… After your navigation, continue enjoying your trip by analyzing all details of your track that will have been memorized on your pc.

  • Charts: You can use commercial charts or create your own charts from a simple desktop scanner, or even correct any existing raster charts.
  •  Navigation: Plug your GPS and other NMEA instruments, and your boat will be positioned real time on the map, keeping track of all your movements and giving you all navigation information.
  •  SnTides which is based on the SHOMAR engine will provide water levels with a worldwide coverage.
  •  Predict weather forecasts in GRIB format, take in account Tidal currents, and combine information to calculate a Routing…
  •  Survey other vessels with the AIS / DSC / ARPA module

ScanNav offers offers a 10% discount when you buy a Windows 10 SailProof tablet.

Discover ScanNav here

Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht is all about next generation navigation, communication and entertainment systems for your boat. Boating should be fun, safe and easy and their products integrate into existing and new boat networks to bring a powerful dimension to your on-board electronics.

Digital Yacht firmly believe that low cost consumer devices such as the SailProof tablet have a place on board and can help make legacy systems compete with the latest in dedicated marine electronic products at a fraction of the cost. Digital Yacht make internet access whilst afloat easy and affordable as well as bringing all your navigation data to your favourite consumer devices – not just for you but for crew and guests too.

Digital Yacht navigation systems cover advanced GPS and compass technology as well as the most comprehensive range of AIS products in the marketplace. Plus Digital Yacht software solutions bring simple yet powerful solutions to a variety of on board requirements from communication to navigation, entertainment to monitoring.

Digital Yacht offers a 20% discount on all their products when you buy a SailProof tablet.

Discover Digital Yacht here