SRNE 20A MPPT Solar controller


An excellent MPPT solar charge controller for an affordable price, to maximize the efficiency of your boat’ solar panels

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20 amp solar charge controller – 12V/24V
MPPT technology
Zero load loss >10mA
Battery Voltage 9V∼32V
Maximum PV open circuit voltage: 92V (25°C)
Charging current 20A
Solar Panel Power (12v) 260W – (24v) 520W
Charging conversion efficiency: ≤98%
MPPT tracking efficiency: >99%
Types of battery supported: Lead-acid, Lithium, Colloidal, Sealed, Vented battery.
Running conditions: -35°C > +60°C – max 95% humidity
IP rating: IP32
Wiring: max 6mm² / 10AWG
External LCD screen can be connected
Bluetooth module also available for monitoring, data review and settings modification

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Weight 700 g