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SailProof SP08, the rugged tablet dedicated to sailors and boat owners


The story

In our experience of boating, we have for long wanted to find an easy, not too expensive solution for preparing and tracking our sailing. As we had had the opportunity to visit China several times and particularly Shenzhen, the Mecca of electronics, we had spotted waterproof tablets that seemed very suitable, although mainly intended for the industrial or logistics sectors. So we bought a first sample and started testing it. However, we were not completely satisfied with the product. One thing leading to another, we refined our specifications, contacted factories, bought different samples and we have been testing them for 3 years. As time went by, our specifications had become clear:

    • a high-capacity battery, to last more than a long day’s sailing without any problems,
    • a screen that is REALLY readable in full sunlight,
    • a waterproof casing, at least IP67, and shock-proof,
    • a good quality GPS chip, ideally combining GPS and Glonass and even Galileo,
    • a processor and sufficient memory,
    • a recent Android OS, to avoid planned obsolescence and to take advantage of the latest improvements (especially in terms of battery management),
    • a Wifi + 4G connection to access GRIBS weather and current files,
    • a relatively accessible budget.

Since no product offered all these features, we decided to contact factories to consider creating the product that would meet all these requirements. After the launch of the first SAILPROOF SP08 in 2020, our range has expanded with different models.

SailProof SP-08 rugged tablet


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