We are thrilled to share some exciting news and updates about SailProof’s journey into the world of sailing and maritime innovation. 

SailProof part of the 37th America’s Cup

SailProof is proud to announce our involvement as providers for the 37th America’s Cup—an event that represents the pinnacle of yacht racing and sailing excellence. This prestigious competition showcases the world’s most cutting-edge sailboats and the finest sailors on the planet.

Our partnership in this iconic event that will take part next October in Barcelona reaffirms SailProof’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of maritime technology. We are excited to bring our expertise to the America’s Cup, contributing to the evolution of sailboat design and performance. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this thrilling adventure!

Anchoring Innovation: SailProof at BlueTechPort

SailProof has also been invited to be part of BlueTechPort at Tech Barcelona, a dynamic hub developed by TECH Barcelona and the Port of BCN to foster innovation, sustainability, and business development in the maritime and environmental sectors.

BlueTechPort is a space where brilliant minds come together to nurture fresh ideas and groundbreaking inventions that benefit our oceans, ships, and ports. We are honored to be part of this transformative community.

BlueTechPort - TECH Barcelona SailProof